A Vampire at Christmas

A Vampire at Christmas - Anthony Renfro Here are two very short stories. The main story was much shorter than I expected. Only one third, while the "bonus short story" was two thirds of this edition.
A Vampire at Christmas is about a man who turns a vampire after being bitten by a vampire in a forest at winter after leaving his fiancée's house. And as a vampire he tries to keep his human self still alive by trying to feed on bad people as much as it is possible. Every Christmas he distributes some gifts in the form of money mostly to charities or people in need. That was about it, I guess.
Bonus Short Story: Need to Feed is about a town fighting vampires and werewolves at the same time every year. This year was more successful than the previous ones in a way, because they managed to save the other towns on their predators' way.
I liked how good wins in these stories, but not completely.
Short and enjoyable. Would recommend.