Erotic Seduction

Erotic Seduction - Moll Molone DNF

1. Erotic Seduction 1.5/5.0
The writing was not very good. I was not sure what was going on in a few scenes. This being an erotic story, I expected more detailed sex scenes. Only one of them was well done, detailed enough that is. Another thing is that I do not really enjoy stories about infidelity. This would not have been a problem if other elements were better, though.

2. The Mistress 1.5/5.0
A bit better written than the first story. It was even shorter, though. It ended more realistically, too.

3. The Awakening 2.0/5.0
OK. This one seemed the least complete so far. A nice setting, however.

... and then I stopped. I decided to stop torturing myself.